Mitch Alexander is a Scottish graduate video game designer and writer who focuses on game culture, queer game design, personal indie games, and games criticism.

Graduating with a First Class B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Game Design from GCU, Mitch has developed a number of games, including The Loch: A Scottish Fishing RPG, Hypnagogue, QUID: Queer Identity as well as others, available at the Arcade.

He is currently a staff writer at entertainment and pop-culture outlet BoxOfficeBuz, writing games news and updates, as well as GayGamer.net, one of the largest LGBTQ-oriented games culture sites, and has written features, news, interviews and op-ed pieces focusing on the intersection of LGBTQ identity and games, including the regular column, Queer Mechanic, examining how game mechanics and systems could be used to model and represent aspects of LGBTQ life. He has also written for the Scottish games site SquareGo, focusing on reader-friendly, accessible news, reviews and features. Much of his writing can be found on the Articles page.

Mitch is interested in games for social change, discussing and improving inclusivity and diversity in the games industry, exploring and experimenting with game design, weird games, personal games, fringe games, LGBTQ games, oddball comix & zines; he is also interested in disparate other things that don't fit quite so neatly into a bio, like ghost stories. Or butterflies.

He has also recently released QUIJA READING GAMES, a digital zine examining the intersection of queerness, games, the occult, and Scottish identity.

As well as games, Mitch has also exhibited digital photography work exploring anxiety and identity as part of the I AM… exhibition at the Virginia Gallery during Glasgay! 2013, showcasing the work of LGBTQ artists around Scotland; as well as being the creator behind "GGK", a 75-part compilation of horror-microfiction series about the otherworldly people, places and artifacts that make up a twisted supernatural history of Glasgow.

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