26 June 2013

[GayGamer.Net] But WHY Was The E3 Rape Joke Offensive?

Because rape victims say so.

[Trigger warnings for discussion of rape, sexual abuse, and language of sexual violence from here on out].

This was the crux of my recent spat on Twitter (which briefly engulfed our GayGamer.net Twitter news feed – sorry!) regarding the now-infamous “E3 Rape Joke”. Our very own Christian Walters already covered the event in a comprehensive article previously, but we also need to talk about WHY this was a very poor call on Microsoft’s part – which has kind of been encapsulated in the aforementioned Twitter spat. I don’t want to talk about this incident specifically, but how it relates to a much bigger phenomenon.

Y’see, folk are suggesting that the E3 Rape Joke “wasn’t a rape joke” and that people who were offended by it were being “over sensitive”.

I imagine there’s already a sizable contingent of folk already groaning and holding their head in their hands – to them, a massive apology; this issue rears its head often enough outside of the world of gaming that it can be anything ranging from “tedious” to “infuriating”. To the folk not face-palming, an explanation.

(You can read the rest of the feature over at its home on GayGamer.net!)

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